How to set a frequent event?

Jorte provides an option to register a new event using template titles for frequently used events.

  1. Launch Jorte and tap the date cell. Tap [New event] from the calendar screen toolbar
  2. Select the title you want to use from the list of previously entered titles showing under [Frequent events].
  3. Select the time you want to use
  4. Select the location you want to use
  5. Select [Create] on the event entry screen

Available Calendars ・Jorte calendar
・Google Calendar
Title ・The number of times the "title" was entered from the scheduled registration data in the past 3 months> Displayed in order of the last entry date
time ・Display "time" entered in the selected title in chronological order
Location ・Display "places" that have been entered in the selected title in order of number of times entered > last entered date and time
Notes ・When the toolbar is hidden, the "+" at the bottom of the calendar cannot be used
・Cannot be used from within the vertical calendar
・You cannot edit or delete the titles displayed in frequent events
・Even if you hide it with "Do not display again", you can redisplay it with [Settings] → [Advanced settings] -> [Other settings] → [Show frequesnt event].

■ Notes

  • Frequent event feature can be used with "Jorte Premium".
    Please refer to "What is Jorte Premium?" for details on Premium services.
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