How to create a mark icon?

Instead of a entering an event title, or in addition to the title, you can create a mark icon.

  1. Open the Jorte app and display the event entry screen
  2. Tap [Icon]
  3. Tap [Mark]
  4. Select the mark shape
  5. Under the [Style] header select [Color] and select the color you want to use. Select [Fill] if you need to fill out the color for the selected shape of the mark
  6. Next to [Text] enter the short text you want to enter into the mark shape.
  7. Select [OK] to save the selected settings.
  8. After creating a mark, enter the details for each and tap [Register]
  9. Check that the created mark is displayed on thenew entry using a new event registration screen

*If you register an event using the same [Mark] shape, text [Color], [Fill] feature to fill out the mark for one day, only one mark will be displayed on the calendar even if the mark text is different.
If you want to display multiple marks, please change any of mark shapes, text color, and fill the mark share by the color to register the mark for the new schedule.

*We recommend using Jorte's original calendar "My Calendar" for the icon mark function.
You can add icons and marks to Google Calendar, but it may not work depending on your usage.
Also, some calendars do not support icon marks.
Please note.

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