How do I sync with Jorte Cloud?

⇒[How do I sync with Jorte Cloud?]

To Setup Jorte Cloud

1. First create a Jorte Cloud account if you haven’t done so already at
Submit your account details on the registration page for your account, check your E-mail and click on the link in your mail to Verify the account creation.

2. After you have your Jorte Cloud ID and Password, Open Jorte Calendar.

3. Press Calendar icon in lower left.

4. Select Calendar Settings (gear icon).

5. Put a check in Use Jorte Cloud and login with your Jorte Cloud account Username and Password.

6. Then, check the Default Calendar is set to your Jorte Cloud calendar (usually named MyCalendar).

7. Repeat these steps on the other device (tablet or phone, etc.) and login with the same Jorte Cloud ID to sync.

Note: Your password is case sensitive.

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