How to resize the widget?

To change the size of the widget, use a "Jorte resize" widget, please.
Other Jorte widgets (Example. "Jorte 3×3") cannot be resized.
  1. Long press where you want to add the widget on your smartphone's home screen
  2. Select [Widgets]
  3. Add [Jorte resize] to home on widget selection screen
  4. On the widget settings screen, set "Display format" to the items you want to use
  5. Select [Done]
  6. Check if the widget displays on the home screen

2 Resize widget
  1. Long press the widget ("Jorte resize" widget) on the home screen
  2. You can adjust the size by moving the "●" on the widget frame up, down, left, or right, so adjust it to the size you want to use


Depending on the home app or launcher, you may not be able to use "Jorte resize".
In that case, use one of other widgets available in the list of Jorte widgets.
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