How to share calendar entries with family and friends?

First, create a shared calendar.
Then, register the event in the shared calendar and try sharing it.

1 Create a shared calendar

  1. Launch Jorte and tap [Calendar] on the calendar screen toolbar
  2. Select [Add Calendar]
  3. Select [Shared Calendar]
  4. On the calendar creation screen, enter your favorite calendar name and description
  5. Select [Create]
  6. Select [Add users to shared calendar]
  7. Select [Jorte ID]
  8. Enter the Jorte ID of the person you want to share the calendar and an Invitation Message
  9. Select [Add] and make sure the shared username appears
  10. Select [View] to the right of the shared user name and select permissions for the shared user
  11. Tap [Close]
  12. Confirm that the shared calendar name is displayed on the calendar settings screen - list of your calendars in Jorte (from the main calendar view select [Calendar] and check the list of your calendars)
  13. Select [Sync] on the toolbar

2 Invited with Jorte ID

  1. Tap [Calendar] from the calendar screen toolbar with the invited Jorte
  2. Select [Settings]
  3. Tick [Use Jorte Cloud]
  4. Select [Sync Now]
  5. Return to the previous calendar setting after synchronization is complete
  6. Tap Shared Calendar Invitation
  7. Select [Allow] (on iPhone, tap [Approve])
  8. Tap OK
  9. Confirm that the shared calendar name is displayed on the calendar settings screen

3 Register and share events

  1. Open new event input screen
  2. If the calendar name is displayed above the title field, tap the calendar name
  3. Tap the name of the shared calendar on the selection screen (list of your calendars in Jorte)
  4. Enter each item and tap [Create]
  5. Sync with your own Jorte
  6. Synchronize the shared calendar with your Jorte Cloud account and then, synchronize the Jorte app with the Jorte Cloud account on the phone of the person with whom the calendar was shared. Make sure shared calendar entries are displayed.


  • If calendar entries are not reflected immediately, wait for a while and try synchronizingone more time, please.
  • Adding a Jorte ID of a member with whom you share the calendar, if the permission is set to [View], the event cannot be added to the shared calendar.
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