Jorte Cloud Sync Error

If an error occurs when synchronizing to Jorte Cloud, send the Jorte Support Team an email using an [Information] feature in the Jorte app, or [Email inquiry].
*Start Jorte and from the calendar screen toolbar, select [Settings] → [Advanced settings] → [Information] → [Send by email]

  1. Launch Jorte and tap [Calendar] on the calendar screen toolbar
    → Select [Settings]
    → Check the Jorte ID (username) displayed in [Use Jorte Cloud].
    If possible, send the Support Team a screenshot pointing out the displayed Jorte ID.
  2. Tap [Calendar] on the calendar screen toolbar to display the name of the calendar you are using.
    Please check if next to the calendar name there is a number of not synced entries showing in red.
    If possible, send to the Jorte Support Team a screenshot pointing out the issue.

    Calendar name: My Calendar
    Jorte (〇〇) ※Unsent: 〇〇
  3. Mention if you use ToDo and Diary feature in Jorte.
  4. Mention if you log in to Jorte,com WEB site with no problem using your Jorte ID and password.
  5. If you perform synchronization using the following procedure, an error message will be displayed as a notification.
    Report thr error log to the Support Team, please.
    You can send the Jorte Support Team a screenshot of the error message.

    1. Launch Jorte and tap [Calendar] from the calendar screen toolbar
    2. Tap [Settings]
    3. Select [Use Jorte Cloud] to remove the check mark
    4. Tap [Use Jorte Cloud]
    5. Enter your password and tap [Login]
    6. After synchronization, contact the Support Team to inform about the error log displayed in the notification column at the top of the device screen.

  6. Please send the error log by tapping the error message in the main notification column of "5".

*Even if you delete your current Jorte ID and obtain a new Jorte ID, the Jorte ID set in the Jorte app cannot be changed (requires reinstallation of the app).
Also, if you delete the Jorte ID, the data on the Jorte Cloud will be deleted, making it impossible to recover the data.
Please do not delete the Jorte ID set in the Jorte app.

*If you cannot log in even after tapping [Use Jorte Cloud] and entering the password, tap " I can't log in".

* Synchronization with Jorte Cloud is successful with [Sync now], but if an error occurs at the timing of automatic synchronization, please check if you are using a Task Killer, energy-saving apps, and/or the energy saving (eco) setting of the device itself.
If you are using a task killer or energy saving related, please try to see if the automatic synchronization succeeds with all of them canceled once.

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