How can I sync Google Calendar with Jorte?

⇒[How can I sync Google Calendar with Jorte?]

1. Open the Default Calendar app on your Android phone/tablet and check if your Google Calendar is visible on the Default Calendar.

2. You may need to re-sync Google Calendar manually either from the Calendar Settings, press Menu key and look for Settings or Preferences, or from the Android Accounts setting.

3. To re-sync from Android accounts: Open the Android Settings app.

4. Select Accounts and select your Google account.

5. Uncheck Google Calendar sync, then put check again on Google Calendar sync.

6. After re-syncing the calendar, check in the Default Calendar app that the Google calendar you want is shown.
Once you’ve got the Google Calendar you want shown in the Default Calendar App.

1. Open Jorte and tap [Calendar] icon in lower left.

2. Scroll down and tap [Add Other Services].

3. Select [Google Calendar]. Then, put a check next to the Google Calendar account you want to show on Jorte.

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