Effective use of diary tags

Using Jorte Diaries you can crete diary tags.
Diary tags can help findings Diaries by specifying tags, and separate diary entries by categories.

  1. Display new diary entry screen
  2. Select [Tag]
  3. Select [Add tag]
  4. Enter the name of the tag in the name field
  5. If you want to display icons or mark, tick [Show icons]
  6. Tap the square to the right of [Show icons (marks)] and select an icon or mark
  7. Select [Create]
  8. Check if tag is added

When searching with the

tag, do as follows.

  1. Launch the Jorte app and select [Functions] from the calendar screen toolbar
  2. Select [Diary]
  3. Tap [Search]
  4. Tap Tag in Search Target
  5. Tap the tag to search
  6. Check if the tagged journal appears in the search results
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