[Notice] Regarding the end of support for Android 4.4

With the end of Google Play support for Android 4.4, Jorte also ended support for Android 4.4.

■Target OS: Android 4.4 or lower version
■Date: End of August 2023

In order to continue using the service in the future, update the OS version of your device if it is possible.
Please refer to the support page of each manufacturer/mobile phone company to check whether it is possible to update the OS on your device or if you cannot update the OS using the steps below.

■OS update procedure
1. Open the [Settings] screen of your device
2. Tap [System]
3. Tap [Device Information]
4. Tap [Software Update]
5. If there is an OS version that can be updated, you can update it
*Operation methods may differ depending on the device.

Thank you.