[Notice] What to do if the Android version of Jorte crashes / cannot be started?

Thank you for using Jorte.

If you encounter the crash issue at startup on the Android version of Jorte, please search for the "Android System WebView" app in the Google Play Store and uninstall its latest update or "Android System WebView".
→ Open the Settings app on your phone.
→ Select Apps.
→ Using the Search feature look for "Android System WebView".
→ Tap on "Android System WebView", and uninstall its latest update.
→ Open Jorte to see if the issue is resolved.
→ Open Google Play Store.
→ Type Web View in the search bar.
→ Select [Android System (System) WebView].
→ Tap [Uninstall].
→ After uninstalling "Android System WebView", please open Jorte to see if the issue is resolved.

* Please do not uninstall "Jorte".
Similar issues are occurring with other apps such as Google Search, Yahoo, and LINE.
The cause is unknown, but it seems to be an issue on the Android system side.
We apologize for the inconvenience but thank you for your cooperation.
(March 23, 2021 )