1 Restrictions when using Google Calendar with Jorte

  • Items only available in Jorte's original calendar (countdown, etc.) cannot be used with Google Calendar, etc., and the data may not be reflected properly.
  • Originally, Google Calendar does not have an item for storing icon data.
    We have made it possible to set icons from Jorte, but in some cases, icon settings may be lost.
  • For those who use Google Calendar, it seems that Android does not synchronize older or newer calendars than a certain period of time.
    (The period varies depending on the phone model)
    If you don't see data from more than a month ago, it's due to an Android limitation.

2 Impact from apps other than Jorte

If you are using Task Killer applications or Power Saving settings, automatic synchronization may not be possible and a synchronization error may occure.
When performing automatic synchronization, it is recommended to cancel Task Killer applications and Power Saving settings.
Also, if you delete the cache from the [Settings] app of the phone, you may not be able to display the photos attached to the diary.
Therefore, if you are using the Jorte app with Diary photoes do not delete the cache, please.
*If the Task Killer app has a cache deletion function, it is recommended to stop using the cache deletion function.

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