How to set up Gmail?

Sometimes we receive questions about how to set up Gmail, so for your reference, here's how to set it up.
If the email is not displayed by the following operation, please check Gmail Help. /mail#topic=7065107

To receive emails with Gmail, first set up an account in the settings of your smartphone.
Note that the name and procedure differ depending on the phone model.
*If the Google account you want to use is not displayed, click [Add account] and log in with the Google account you want to use.

  1. Open the Settings app on your smartphone
  2. Tap Account
  3. Tap the Google account you want to use
  4. Tap Account Sync
  5. Turn on Gmail
  6. Confirm that the last sync date and time is the current

Once you have synced Gmail using the Settings app of your phone, start the Gmail app and check your email.

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