How to share individual events?

This function is available only for Jorte Calendar entries.
To use this function, please register your event in "My Calendar (Jorte)".

You can share your calendar entry with your family and friends.
For example, when sharing a calendar entry via the email message, please try to do as follows.

  1. Tap the event you want to share from the calendar to display the details screen (screen with buttons such as [Delete] and [Edit])
  2. Select [Send] on the event details screen
  3. Select [email] on the selection screen
  4. Send the calendar entry to the person you need to share it with
  5. For those who shared, open the Inbox of the email address and tap the shared URL of the calendar entry
  6. The content will be displayed on Jorte's Event input screen, so tap [Create]
  7. Confirm that the event is displayed on the calendar screen
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