How to register a weekly recurring event?

To register a weekly recurring event, please try the following.
* The name and procedure differ depending on the set calendar.

  • Open the Jorte app
  • Display the new calendar entry input screen [New Event] with the date you want to start the repeating entry
  • Next to [Repetition] select [One-time event]
  • Select [Weekly]
  • Tap [Specify] next to [End date]
  • Specify [Number of times] or [Date] to set the end date
  • Make sure the overview shows the needed week interval. To set the recurring entry to display every week select [1 week] interval.
  • Tap [Set]
  • Enter the contents of the event and tap [Create]
  • Check if the weekly repeating schedule is displayed on the calendar screen
  • Is the problem solved?