[Notice] Regarding 'Calendar' app on iOS devices after iOS17 update

Using iOS 17, please note that due to a specification change on the iOS side, if you are using Jorte in conjunction with the 'Calendar' app on your iPhone or iPad, you will need to allow Jorte full access to iOS 'Calendar'.

When you start Jorte after updating to iOS 17, if the message [Jorte wants full access to your calendar] is displayed, select [Allow full access], please.

Also, if the 'Calendar' app schedule is no longer displayed on Jorte after the OS update, please change the settings on your iPhone or iPad.

●Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
→ Tap [Jorte].
→ Tap [Calendar].
→ Put a check mark on [Full Access].
→ When [Do you want to allow 'Jorte' full access to your calendar?] is displayed, tap [Allow full access].
→ Launch the Jorte app.
→ Tap [Calendar] on the calendar screen toolbar.
→ Check the displayed calendar name.
→ Make sure that the schedule of the 'Calendar' app is displayed on the calendar screen.

Thank you!