For users with events off by an hour after Daylight savings

Please check the DST (Daylight Saving Time) settings.

To avoid the time conflict please select the same time Digit even if the time zone place will not be selected the same.

1.Settings app of the phone device.
Settings app→[System]→[Date]→[Time zone]→Time Digit.

2.Default calendar app / Google Calendar (if it is synced with Jorte).
[Settings]→[General]→[Time zone]→Time Digit.

3."My Calendar(Jorte)" or "My Calendar PF(Jorte)"
●[Calendar]→[My Calendar Jorte]→[Edit]→[Time zone]→Time Digit.
●[Calendar]→[My Calendar PF(Jorte)]→[Edit]→[Time zone]→Time Digit.
●[Settings]→[Advanced Settings]→]Other Settings]→[Lock Time Zone]→Time Digit.

4.Jorte Cloud website (JORTE.COM and/or JORTE.NET).
●[Settings]→[Timezone]→Time Digit.
●Menu→Account Information→Time Zone→Time Digit.