How can I create a Shared Jorte Cloud Calendar with smart phone?

Step 1. Check that you are signed into your Jorte Cloud account.

Step 2. To do this, Tap Calendar in lower left.

Step 3. Tap Settings gear icon, put a check next to Use Jorte Cloud.

Step 4. Sign into your Jorte Cloud account.

Step 5. After signing into your Jorte Cloud account, Press back where you’ll see the list of Calendars Jorte can show.

Step 6. Tap Add Calendar, and Select Create Shared Calendar.

Step 7. Enter a Calendar Name, make sure Synchronize with the cloud is checked and Share Calendar is checked.

Step 8. Press Add members to share calendar and enter the E-mail address or Jorte account of the person you want to invite to the calendar.

Step 9. Tap OK, then Create to create a Shared Calendar.

Step 10. Now return to Jorte Calendar view, and Add a new Event on the Shared Calendar.

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