[New Feature] Syncing with Jorte Cloud via Facebook login

As a new option, you can use your social Facebook account to create and/or sign in to your Jorte Cloud account.
Recommended to:
· Those who do not have a Jorte ID (username) yet.
· Users who prefer simple calendar functions/login settings.
By logging in with the Facebook account, this function will automatically generate your own Jorte Cloud ID.
Note: If you already have a Jorte ID, please continue using it.

How do I sync with Jorte Cloud via Facebook?

1. Open Jorte and press Calendar icon in the lower left.
2. Select the Calendar Settings (gear icon).
3. Put a check in Use Jorte Cloud.
4. Select Login using Facebook.
5. On the Log into the Facebook screen, enter the Facebook account and password.
6. Select Log in.