[Important] Changes Regarding Google Tasks Synchronization

Due to Google's policy, our provision of the number of synchronizations with Google Task has been limited. You can periodically still sync, but real time syncing with Google Tasks is no longer available.

Google has set an upper limit for the number of API visits per day. If the upper limit is exceeded, Jorte’s Google task link cannot be used until the next day.
As for the Android version of Jorte, because it has been used close to the upper limit, the automatic synchronization function has been stopped since Jorte 1.9.15.
Please follow the steps below to perform a manual synchronization.
[Google Manual Sync]
→ Open the Jorte app.

→ Select [Functions].
→ Select [Tasks].
→ Select [Task List].
→ Tap [Sync] on the toolbar.
※The iOS version of Jorte is not affected, and Google Tasks can still be synchronized automatically.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

Thank you for using Jorte,
Team Jorte