QR code for event registration

If you create a QR code for the event, you can register the event by scanning the QR code with another device.
*The Jorte app itself does not have a function to create a QR code, so it will be created with a separate app.
If the QR code creation application is not displayed in the application selection field, please install another QR code creation application and try again.

1 Create QR code

  1. Tap the event for which you want to create a QR code from the calendar to open the details screen
  2. Tap Send on the details screen
  3. Select a QR code creation app from the app selection field
  4. Confirm that the QR code is created in another app

2 Read QR code

  1. Launch the Jorte app and tap [Calendar] on the calendar screen toolbar
  2. Tap the QR in the Add event calendar
  3. Read the QR code you created
  4. Confirm that the schedule input screen is displayed
  5. Confirm your entries and tap Create
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