Why holidays are not showing?

If national holidays are not displayed, please try using a Sync button to refresh the downloaded calendar or try resetting the selected event calendar of national holidays.

  1. Launch the Jorte app and select [Calendar] on the calendar screen toolbar
  2. Make sure the needed event calendar is selected
  3. Tap a [Sync] button to refresh the updated calendar
  4. If the issue persists, tap the name of previously downloaded event calendar of selected national holidays
  5. Select [Delete]
  6. Tap [Yes] on the confirmation screen
  7. Select [Add event calendar]
  8. Select [World's National Holidays]
  9. Select national holidays from the list of available event calendars
  10. Tap [Add (Free)]
  11. Select [Close]
  12. Go back to the calendar screen and see if the holidays are displayed
Is the problem solved?