How to use Google Tasks in Jorte?

When linking with Google Tasks (Task list of Google Calendar), please try to do as follows.
*Available on Android 5 or higher.

  1. Make sure the Google Tasks app is downloaded on your phone
  2. Launch the Jorte app and tap [Functions] from the calendar screen toolbar
  3. Select [Tasks]
  4. Select [Settings] from the toolbar
  5. Tick [Use Google Tasks]
  6. Tap [Sign with Google]
  7. If the message "Allow Jorte to access your contacts?" is displayed, select [Allow]
  8. Tick the Google account you want to use (***
  9. Tap OK
  10. Tap the device's back button to display the ToDo screen
  11. Select [Sync] from the toolbar
  12. After synchronization is complete, select [Task List] from the toolbar
  13. Check the Google task name (Mr. XX's list, etc.) on the Task List screen
  14. Select [Close]
  15. Check that Google Tasks are displayed on the Task List screen

The automatic synchronization function of Google Tasks has ended with ver.1.9.15.
When synchronizing Google Tasks, please follow the steps below to perform manual synchronization.

  1. Launch Jorte and tap [Functions] from the calendar screen toolbar
  2. Select [Tasks]
  3. Select [Sync] from the toolbar
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