How to use an incognito calendar feature?

Incognito feature allows you to prevent locked calendars from appearing on the calendar settings screen.

  1. Launch Jorte and select [Calendar] on the calendar screen toolbar
  2. Select [Lock Settings]
  3. Select [Lock Calendar]
  4. Tap [Unlocked] next to the name of the calendar you want to lock and change it to [Locked]
  5. Tick [Hide locked calendars from calendar list]
  6. Select [Set/Change passcord] and enter the passcord you want to use
  7. From the main calendar view select [Calendar] and check if the name of the locked calendar is no longer displayed on the list of your calendars in Jorte
  8. From the main calendar view select [Functions] from the calendar screen toolbar
  9. Select [Unlock]
  10. Enter passcord to see events

■ Notes

  • Incognito feature is available in Jorte Premium and Jorte Plus subscription.
    Please refer to "What is Jorte Premium?" for details on premium services.
  • If the calendar name is not hidden, quit Jorte once and try to start it again.
  • If you forget your passcord, you will need to reinstall the Jorte app.
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