I can't sync Jorte with Google Calendar

Jorte does not sync directly with Google Calendar.
If you set up Google Calendar sync in Jorte and register an event, the event will be registered in the Google Calendar via the Jorte app. The default "Calendar" of the phone "will synchronize the regiatered via Jorte entry with Google Calendar.
Therefore, please check whether synchronization is possible between the default "Calendar" app on the phone and Google Calendar.
* The name and procedure differ depending on the phone model. Try to sync the Google Calendar manually.

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone
  2. Select [Passwords & Accounts]
  3. Tap the Google account that does not sync
  4. Select [Account Sync] and tap Sync now.
  5. Select [Calendar] -> [Google Calendar]. Check if the last sync date and time is the latest date and time
Is the problem solved?