How to register a daily event?

To register an event for consecutive days (Example. From January 1st to 3rd), try the following, please.

  1. Display new entry screen selecting the date cell and tapping [New Event] (Example January 1st)
  2. Check the start date ( Example. January 1st)
  3. Next to [End] select the end date. (Example. January 3rd.)
  4. Enter each item and tap [Create]
  5. Check if daily schedules are displayed on the calendar screen

In addition, the band display of consecutive days can be reversed in color.
To invert color try the following, please.

  1. Select [Settings] from the calendar screen toolbar
  2. Select [Advanced Settings]
  3. Select [Display on the Calendar]
  4. Check [Reverse Bar Display Color]
  5. Check if the color marker shows on the calendar screen
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