How to edit one entry of a recurring event?

To edit a recurring event, please try the following.

  1. Tap the recurring event you want to edit from the calendar to display the details screen
  2. Tap [Edit] on the details screen of the event
  3. Select [Change only this event]
  4. Edit the event contents and tap [Update]
  5. Check if the edited event is reflected on the calendar screen

■ Notes
From ver.1.9.16, there is a limit to editing/deleting recurring events in Jorte's original calendar ("My Calendar Jorte") in order to reduce the load in the app and the load when synchronizing.

・"Change only this event" for recurring calendar entry: Up to 500 recurring schedules can be edited
・Recurring events can only be deleted on this day: up to 500 can be deleted for each repeating event

If you reach the upper limit, you cannot change/delete, so please register a new repeating schedule and change/delete it.
*Repeating appointments that cannot be changed/deleted will retain changes/deletions up to that point, and only previous appointments cannot be deleted. You can set the end date and end the repeating schedule in the middle.

■ "Change only on this day" is not displayed
If "Change only on this day" is not displayed when setting up Google Calendar and registering recurring events, start the [Calendar] app installed on the smartphone from the beginning and select the [Calendar] app on the smartphone. Then, check if "Change only this eveny" is displayed.
If "Change only on this day" is not displayed on the [Calendar] app on the main unit, it will not be displayed on Jorte.
Please check if synchronization is possible between the [Calendar] app on the main unit and Google Calendar.
If the synchronization is successful, please try to see if "Changes on this day only" is displayed.
In addition, operation of the "Calendar" application on the main unit and synchronization with Google Calendar are operations outside of Jorte, so please check the details in the instruction manual etc. of the main unit in advance.

Edit individual recurring appointments
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