Points to note when registering calendar entries

When registering an event in Jorte, you can select the calendar to be registered, between local Jorte Calendar ("My Calendar Jorte", "My PF Calendar (Jorte)", "Shared Calendar") or synced calendar ("My Calendar Google").
The synchronization destination differs depending on the selected calendar, so please select the calendar you want to use and register the entry.

■ Calendar settings
Launch Jorte and tap [Calendar] on the calendar screen toolbar to display the calendar settings screen.
Check the calendar name you want to use on the calendar setting screen.
*If you want to use Google Calendar, etc., add it from [Add other services].

■ Event registration
Open the Jorte app and select [Calendar].
Make sure all needed calendar names are selected.
Select [Settings] and tap [Select default calendar] to set the calendar name where your further calendar entries will be registered.
From the main calendar view open the event input screen and check what calendar name is displayed using a drop-down arrow above the title.
Tap the calendar name to display the calendar selection field.
Please select the calendar you want to use from the selection column and register the schedule.
*If you have set only one calendar (Example. "My Calendar Jorte") in the calendar settings, the calendar name will not be displayed on the schedule input screen.

■ Sync Destination
If you select the original Jorte Calendar ("My Calendar Jorte" or "My PF Calendar Jorte") on the event input screen and register the event, it will be synchronized to the Jorte cloud.
Note. You will need to register a Jorte Cloud account first and select the sync settings.
If you select Google Calendar and register a calendar event, it will be synchronized to Google Calendar.
Please note that Google Calendar events cannot be synchronized to Jorte Cloud. Jorte Cloud will not back up Google Calendar entries.

■ Notes
From ver.1.9.16, the number of calendar events that can be registered in one calendar is limited to 10,000 in Jorte's calendar such as "My Calendar" in order to reduce the load in the app and the load when synchronizing.
*If Jorte's calendars have been added by using an "Add calendar" feature, up to 10,000 for each calendar there are no restrictions if you set up Google Calendar, JortePF Calendar, etc. and register your calendar events.
If the number of events on the Jorte calendar reaches 10,000, you will not be able to register new entries to that calendar.
This restriction is set for all users of Jorte, including premium members.

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