Login Jorte Cloud via the Facebook account

From Jorte ver.1.9.15 for Android/ Jorte ver.1.4.9 for iOS released on August 27, 2018, it is possible to set synchronization with Jorte Cloud using a Facebook account.

Recommend to
・Those who do not have a Jorte ID yet
・People who want to use only the simple calendar function that only allows you to enter your own schedule

This function automatically issues a unique Jorte ID by logging in with your Facebook account.
It is not possible to link an existing Jorte ID created by yourself with a Facebook account. If you already have a Jorte ID (username), please continue to use it.
If you delete your Jorte ID, your data will also be deleted and cannot be recovered.

Synchronization of Jorte Cloud with the Facebook account is as follows.

[Procedures for syncing Jorte cloud with Facebook account]
1. Start the Jorte app and tap [Calendar] on the toolbar
2. Tap [Settings] on the toolbar of the calendar settings screen
3. Check [Use Jorte Cloud]
4. Select [Login with Facebook]
5. On the Facebook login screen, enter your Facebook account and password and tap [Login]
→ Synchronization with the Jorte cloud will begin
*Even if you log in with your Facebook account, Jorte will not post to Facebook without permission.

[How to check on the Jorte Cloud website]
1. After synchronization is complete, on a computer, etc., visit Jorte PF site
2. Press [Login with other service ID]
3. Select [Login with Facebook]
4. On the Facebook login screen, enter your Facebook account and password and press [Login]
5. Check if calendar entries are displayed

  • If the email address already registered with Jorte ID is also a Facebook account, you cannot log in with that Facebook account.
  • If you delete your account after logging into Jorte PF with your Facebook account, you will not be able again to log in with that Facebook account. We cannot reset your Facebook account, so we ask for your understanding.
  • After logging in to your Facebook account, the Jorte PF calendar will be your main.
    (Entries registered in Jorte's "My Calendar" will not be deleted.)
  • Facebook account login does not support the shared diary feature.
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