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Article 1 (Range of application and changes in service)
    1.  This "Terms of Use" (the "Agreement") is applied to the [Jorte Community Site] which is run by Jorte Inc.
    2.  The term "User" applies to all people who use this service, and " Contributor" applies to all people who submit questions and answers. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are able to use service.
    3.  This Agreement is subject to change at any time by Jorte Inc. Any changes in the Agreement will be announced either through another method on this web site or via Jorte through another means. If the User started using this service after we have announced any changes, it is assumed that the new User accepts those changes.
Article 2 (Overview of the Service)
     1.  This service provides information to the Users. Our purpose is to provide an environment of collective information including interactions between users, as well as between users and Jorte thus promoting more effective use of the Jorte service. This extends to the Jorte Calender application, as well as to other related services.
     2.  Under the preceding paragraph purport, Jorte holds responsibility for all announcements regarding the company, FAQ posts, Jorte Service support,  newsletter delivery, product sales, etc. The company may ask Users to cooperate in order to improve our services and collect marketing information.
Article 3 (User registration, management, etc)
          The user needs to create an account in order to use this service. 
          After registration, the account will be managed by the customer upon their own responsibility. If the user fails to use the service for the intended purpose or takes other inappropriate action when using the service, that user will be liable for any and all repercussions. Jorte will assume no responsibility on behalf of the user.
Article 4 (Notes on use, Immunity)
  1.   All users agree to use the Jorte service upon their own responsibility. 
    2.    The company does not guarantee that the content of the services provided, fully operates at the user's environment, even if they meet the operating requirements. The company does not garantee that questions and answers posted by other contributors (hereinafter referred to as "posted content") are accurate or appropriate. 
     3. Jorte does not claim responsibility for any loss or injury suffered by the user if the claim is not a direct result of using the Jorte service.
     4. Jorte does not claim responsibility for any monetary resources used in disputes between users and Jorte, or in disputes between users and third parties. If users seek legal action in any dispute, they may become financially involved at their own risk.
     5. Due to potential problems or bugs which may arise and require system maintenance, Jorte reserves the right to temporarily suspend its services without prior announcement.
Article 5 (Prohibited matters)
    1. Upon use of the Jorte service by customers, the company prohibits the following actions:
              a. Acts contrary to public policy.
              b. Actions which may lead to criminal acts, or behavior which may encourage criminal acts.
              c. Damage to the intellectual property rights, image rights, or publicity rights of users, Jorte, or related third parties. Actions which may promote damage are also prohibited.
              d. Any actions which may infringe upon the property, honor or privacy of other users or related third parties. Actions which may promote infringement are also prohibited.
              e. Any act of publishing information, IDs or passwords which allow for individual users to be identified.
               f. Any act contrary to set country laws and regulations.
            g. Any act of giving tangible or intangible disadvantage, or damaging other users or related third parties via slander or intimidation.
              h. The promotion of any sales and advertisements for the purpose of solicitation.
               i.  Promotion of content or websites operated by competitors
               j. Any acts which may be construed as inapprpriate toward minors.
              k. Posting or otherwise providing links to prohibited types of websites, including but not limited to pornographic sites, dating or meet-up sites, and sites including illegal or harmful material.
               l. Any act of impeding the operation of this service.
             m. Any act of posting content unrelated to this service.
              n. Any act of defamation which may disparage Jorte, or otherwise damage other users' trust in the company.
Article 6  (Alteration or deletion of posted content)
     1. Jorte reserves the right to alter or delete registration content or other information posted by contributors without prior notification. In this case, Jorte claims no responsibility for any loss or injury suffered by contributors whose content is changed or deleted due to violation of any of Jorte's conditions of Terms of Use. Jorte may choose to alter or delete content posted by users under either of the following circumstances: 
               a. Violation of any of the conditions previously mentioned in article 5 of this agreement of Terms of Use.
               b. In the case of unavoidable or emergency circumstances.
     2. In situations which Jorte is requested to alter or remove content previously posted by a user, Jorte reserves the right to make a final decision on whether or not the content will be altered or removed according to company expectations, not those of the user.
Article 7 (Rights to Posted Content)
     1. In regard to the Jorte service, all rights and copyrights apply. In addition, the rights and copyrights posted content will be attributable to those original contributors. 
     2. Jorte reserves the right to save and store posted content from the Jorte service without prior announcement. Jorte may also edit, modify, replicate, or reprint original posted content (including instances of commercial use).
     3. Users agree to consent to their original content being edited or otherwise added or referred to by other contributors. This may cause their original posted content to change and develop into new posted content.
     4. Jorte reserves the right to publish and distribute the posted contents within the context of the Jorte service and other related services.
Article 8 (Purpose of Use Regarding the Collection of Personal Information)
     1. Personal information collected by the company via this service will be used for the following range of purposes:
            a.  In order to contact users regarding necessary information.
               b. In instances where the user has provided consent to use their personal information.
     2. In addition to the previous clause, Jorte reserves the right to use minimum amounts of personal information without prior announcement for the following purposes: 
               a. In instances required by set country laws
               b. In instances regarding the cooperation with or fulfillment of duties required by the national or local government
               c. In order to conduct investigative analyses to improve this service and Jorte related services, and instances in which projection information is provided to third parties in a format which does not allow for specific users to be identified.
Article 9 (Data use for the improvement of services)
          Jorte reserves the right to use the users' information for the improvement of this service and Jorte related services.
Article 10 (Compensation for damages)
          In instances where Jorte or a related third party may suffer loss or injury as a result of users who violate or neglect any of the aforementioned stipulations of the terms of use, the user will be held responsible for compensating Jorte or any related third parties for any damages.
Article 11 (Change, stop, and cancellation of the Service)
  • The company reserves all rights to change, stop, or cancel content without advance notice to customers.
Article 12 (Governing law)
          These terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
Article 13 (Jurisdiction court)
  • The application of this Agreement, all disputes relating to the interpretation and use of the Service, and the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of first instance is set to the Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court.
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